Intimidating bullies

31-Dec-2017 09:36

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Bullies can manipulate others, such as pitting employees against one another so that they attack one another, leaving the bully as the winner.Not only do the wrong people get the blame, but the bully will take the credit for others' ideas without acknowledging their contributions to the project.So, why does it even matter that there may be a bully at the workplace?There are costs associated with a bully in this setting, even if the bullying is subtle rather than overt.It's time to rid the workplace of unacceptable bullying behaviors, making sure that the workplace is where each and every employee can thrive without feeling the anxiety, stress and fear of being the little victim on the playground.Intimidation is designed to make a victim feel powerless, while at the same time funneling their sense of autonomy and powerlessness through the person doing the intimidating.Bullies may "distort the truth" to advance their own agendas. For instance, they could say that the boss told them to do the project this way, when the boss said no such thing but the bully clearly wants to do it that way. In fact, it is often characterized by a pattern of actions over a long period of time, making it sometimes harder to detect in the workplace.

If taking down fellow teammates has the possibility of boosting them up, the bully will do just that...

Some bullies in power create unrealistic standards or expectations for their employees, setting them up for failure.

Then, when the inevitable failure happens, they attack their employee for this fail, no matter how much excessive time and energy the employee put into the work by the deadline.

The bully walks away satisfied with his winnings of the day, looking forward to more tomorrow.

You may think of such a classic scenario when the term "bullying" comes up.For instance, they could put down employees by stating that firing them would benefit the entire company.They may use excessive flattery to lower the guard of their victims and learn how to better manipulate them.This form of bullying may also develop into an extortion racket, so that a bully uses intimidation to extort money (give me and I'll be nice for a week), favors (do my homework), property (intimidating a child into "giving" the bully his or her personal possessions), or personal amusement (go pull Jenny's hair and I won't beat you up after school).