Who is beck off of victorious dating transexual tv dating show

04-Jan-2018 13:27

Another thing is that people still treat her the same sweet girl.

Also, the boys never seem to do anything but kiss back as their girl gets hurt.

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Knowing the success of this show so far, it'll probably warrant at least 4 seasons. She says she's been getting tons of calls - but didn't call the paramedics (until Rex suggests it, and after t hat, we don't know if she did).Second of all, we are pretty certain that Jade would NEVER have let Tori kiss Beck like that in front of her. It’s a question we don’t have the answer to, and TBH, we’re totally fine with that.Sure, all three of them had a love triangle going on throughout the show, but come on! Some things are better left the way they were originally intended.Since its a focused school, I'm guessing it's not public, especially since you have to audition to go.

Why would Trina's parents willingly and knowingly let her audition, when it was obvious just how terrible she was?The episode seems to imply that these two girls are the only choices he has.Now Beck's not exactly hurting for female companionship, it never occured to him that he might find someone who's personality is somewhere between these two extremes?Ponnie says she came after Tori because she got expelled to make room for her.

Pulls Beck's hand off her apron. After that, Tori, wearing a mustache and men clothes, enters Tori in a man voice Nancy, boys, I'm home. Jade Hi, honey. Andre Hey, dad. Beck Hi there, dad. Tori to Andre Hello, Car--- since Tori's character has narcolepsy, she falls.… continue reading »

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Nov 7, 2010. After Tori comes to Hollywood Arts and shared a kiss with Beck, he realized she's the one for him and breaks up with Jade who was his girlfriend. Read to find out Tori and Beck's journey from their first kiss to his proposal to her. They're in love! Rated Fiction K+ - English - Romance - Beck O. Tori V.… continue reading »

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