Dating man shy

16-Feb-2018 05:02

If Dumped - No man shall spend more than 1 month cryin or being sad over a woman.

After that one month period he is required to move on and find a better chick.

The following are acceptable reasons to dump a woman: Breaking up with a girl over the phone is to be considered a cardinal sin against all that is manly.

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This rule is only void if the woman in question ranks an 8 or above.The title of "Her Man" may only be given by the aforementioned woman.If it is found that she has more than one "Man", all titles are null and void, and it is considered bad form to continue to spend time with her.Any man that cheats on a bro with 'That slut' shall be labeled 'Man-Slut' and will be exiled unconditionally.

Any/All friends choosing to side with said Friend will also be subject to judgement and penalty decided by the Bro who was wronged.A man may get to know a woman better via texting or instant messaging but shall never ask said woman out via text message or instant message.A man should not cheat, but when he does he should do his best to escape the ramifications, as it is simple biological fact that man will do his best to maximize his genetic chances. Any woman that cheats must, from that point forward, be referred to as 'That slut' and is to be completely and utterly removed from any and all social circles that are considered original property of the man.Needless to say, the 6.25% of nice guys that do win often keep the girl.

Trust me, women on a shy date will be dolling up. She wants to for you are a man. By dressing up a bit you communicate your confidence and dating masculinity.… continue reading »

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Dating Success goes far beyond simple dating pointers by providing practical assignments and cutting-edge advice for the love shy man to build social aptitude and improve dating success.… continue reading »

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