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Though he was already married to his cousin Anak Hajjah Saleh, the then 35-year-old took the Bruneian-Japanese-English beauty as his second wife as allowed under the Bruneian Islamic faith.

It is not known what type of financial settlement has been arranged.

Tapi sekarang tak lagi fikir begitu, asalkan duit tu duit kita, kita dapat secara halal (means dr titik peluh kita sendiri apa salahnya guna kan).

It was a big thing..Raja Azlan Shah that we saw with his famous judge wig is now wearing that 'tanjak emas'. I don't know anybody who didn't fancy him apart from those with sight problem.

Well, they have that funny organisational chart where the son of current King must first become Raja dihulu hilir, before getting in the ladder of the Raja Muda stage. I have a little tinged suggests that he is still waiting for me. Well, for what is obvious, he is now debab but still cute as ever..I might soon return to my father's home town as a new queen, siapa tau kan? Kiah hated herself for being the one who have to break the bad news to me...well, a dirty job but someone have to do it. Some years ago, I watched 'Shakespeare In Love' and identified hugely with this line.... I now place it on my chest and whisper swiftly....'This is my heart....(pause)'s broken'.

I believe that the present Raja Muda died (Raja Aziz) and Raja Azlan, who was the Raja Di Hilir, naik pangkat as Raja Muda. But he broke my heart by joining that Tarikat and later married Noraini Jane. But there is still his abang, the unusually good looking Raja Nazrin. I stopped talking to him and replaced him with Edika Yusof, Kingsway poster. Tunggu punya tunggu, macam tunggu nak kena Lotto or Euro Million. I have come to think that I stand better chance with Prince Harry rather than our Raja Nazrin.

https://org/Egypt travel guide - tour egypt, Ancient egyptian history long complex 3,000 years details..

On the way to Bexhill-On-Sea today, at about 10.30am, my mobile phone beeps. Suddenly my hati berdebab-debub..if like bad news is coming.

Egypt - wikipedia, The english name egypt is derived from the ancient greek aígyptos (Αἴγυπτος), via middle french egypte and latin aegyptus. Egypt: archaeologists discover 7,000-year- city, Archaeologists in egypt have discovered a city and cemetery dating back more than 7,000 years to its first dynasty in the southern province of sohag. Egypt reveals artifacts, mummy tombs ancient city, Egypt's authorities on saturday revealed artifacts and a linen-wrapped mummified body, possibly that of a top official, from two tombs that were discovered two. hurghada founded early 20th century, years , remained small fishing village. Egypt lawyers law firms city -, Find local law offices attorneys egypt city.

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