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Usually by the end of the tour many guests are already singing and dancing.

But all of the above is just a prelude to the main celebration the gala feast!

By Russian tradition everyone throws their champagne glasses on the floor and it is considered a good luck if the glasses break when they hit the ground.

After getting the bride, the couple gets out of the house into the car (usually limousine) to go for the marriage registration.

I just have to mention that the ceremony is very beautiful and is almost breathtaking both for the couple and the guests.

Popular Russian DJ BARNAUL plays mix of popular European, Russian, American music of 80th, 90th and current hits.

The registration of marriage takes place at the department of public services or in Russian - ZAGS.

Nowadays many couples also choose the church ceremony.

After the official part, it is customary for the bride and groom, and some of their close friends and relatives to go on a tour of the historic sites of the city, taking pictures and drinking champagne.