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09-Feb-2017 04:51

[Read: Does absence make the heart grow fonder or wander?] #7 Make sure the relationship is something you want.Plunging into a new relationship before knowing that can lead to arguments and pain on both sides.[Read: 18 tips to fall in love slowly like you’re in a fairytale] Overall, the best way to stop yourself from moving too fast in a new relationship is to simply get to know the other person as best you can before confirming that you officially want to be with them.Even though you really like someone and want to jump into their arms and have them carry you off into the sunset, you should always be sure that a new relationship is something you want and/or have time for. Ease your way into things and feel out if it’s the right thing for you.They may require more of your attention than you can give.

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There’s nothing that will speed up a relationship more than too much time spent together too soon.

So why have I decided to stop myself from moving too fast in a new relationship? They can’t just be thrown together and expected to last.

And to be completely honest, I want to make it last with this guy.

You have the opportunity to talk about your passions and interests instead of ignoring what’s on Netflix and finding interest in each other’s mouths. Avoid spending too much time alone that can lead to things that are too advanced for your liking.

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[Read: Top 50 amazing first date ideas to wow your date! I used to want to see a new guy *as in, we just started talking a few weeks ago* every day.

I am extremely guilty of moving way too fast in a new relationship. I fall fast and I fall hard, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let anyone stop me. But those relationships have all gone down in flames because we skipped all of the important stuff and went right to being “in love,” which I now realize, we weren’t.