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Whether the soldier has physical comforts or suffers physical hardships may be a factor but is seldom the determining factor in making or unmaking his morale.

A cause known and believed in; knowledge that substantial justice governs discipline; the individual's confidence and pride in himself, his comrades, his leaders; the unit's pride in its own will; these basic things, supplemented by intelligent welfare and recreation measures and brought to life by a spirit of mutual respect and co-operation, combine to weld a seasoned fighting force capable of defending the nation." In August 2012, an article entitled "Army morale declines in survey" states that "only a quarter of the [US] Army's officers and enlisted soldiers believe the nation's largest military branch is headed in the right direction." The "...

Fisher and Labno drew from the Match questionnaire to create something similar for the workplace, which they call the Neuro Color Temperament Inventory.

Organizations can pay Neurocolor to lead seminars with their employees and administer the questionnaire.

The following day, I received a 22-page PDF, complete with colorful charts and graphs, all about me.

The report read like it had been written by a particularly warm fourth-grade teacher, who also happened to be a personality scientist.

Primarily it means unit cohesion: the cohesion of a unit, task force, or other military group.

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Twenty-nine minutes later, someone responded: "I think this is really spot on!

"Clausewitz stresses the importance of morale and will for both the soldier and the commander.

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