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07-Jul-2017 19:11

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I was surprised how easy it was to become “Ken Jump” for a day — in the world of online dating.I was 70 years old, born on Christmas Day, and a big fan of watching television.Part of the problem (and in some cases the problem) is that they ave affiliate programs and they don’t have strict restrictions on these programs.Many affiliate programs will warn their users against using certain methods because they don’t want them to harm the brand. So, by allowing their affiliates to advertise them through all kinds of dodgy methods, the words “Be Naughty Scam” are so common, so widespread that they might as well be official branding.They focus on positives such as the fact that it is a hook-up site, it is not too expensive and it does have some real women on there.Again, these positive Be Naughty reviews note that there are many more men than women, but if they can see all of the flaws and still benefit, then it means the site must have something going for it.

They are tactics that many other sites are known to use (including Ashley Madison) and some experts believe that they actually began with Be Naughty.

And nobody on dating sites OKCupid and Plenty Of Fish knew any better.

My recent experiment with creating false profiles on those two popular, adults-only, dating sites illustrated just how simple it is to pretend you’re someone else.

The site is full of fake profiles, all of beautiful, young women that just so happen to be a perfect match for every man that joins.

The method behind this madness is to “trick” men into joining.

In the world of adult dating sites, Be Naughty is the one that frequently pops-up and it seems that wherever you see the word “Be Naughty” the word “Scam” soon follows. In this Be Naughty Scam article we’ll ask that question and answer it as best we can, offering our own review and looking at other Be Naughty reviews as well.

Dangers of online dating How easy is it for minors to use adult dating sites? By BRETT HAMBRIGHT Staff Writer; Aug 1, 2015; 0 · Facebook · Twitter · Email. How easy it was to pose as someone else on dating sites OKCupid, PlentyOfFish. My profile on OkCupid, in which I lied about my name, age, and pretty much.… continue reading »

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Is BeNaughty a scam? We can't tell you how many times we have heard that question. In the world of adult dating sites, BeNaughty is the one that frequently pops-up and it seems that wherever you see the word “BeNaughty” the word “Scam” soon follows. But is that justified? In this BeNaughty Scam article we'll ask that.… continue reading »

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Re Anyone ever tried the 'adult' dating sites?Posted by Peazey online on 2/21/18 at am to PortHudsonPlaya. I have read some on reddit from people who claimed to work on some of them. According to them, they are exactly the obvious scam that they seem to be. They are fake profiles that will only talk.… continue reading »

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