Carbon dating stone tools

28-Sep-2017 00:06

Anything that requires a knife today could have been replaced with a chopping tool.They were also used to help assist the maker in cutting the meat of the animals.Many of the tools that were found in Asia, they were found in the Choukoutienian caves.The Choukoutienian industry is where a lot of the stone tools in Asia started.In Asia stone tools did not develop as much as other places in the world.To make these tools like the chopping tool you have to have specific types of rock such as flint and jasper.Looking at how these tools are made is an important part in the history of the Chopping Tool.

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Depending on what the maker of the chopping tool made or ate depended on what the chopping tool was used for.

Even if the items that were used to make the chopping tool in various parts of the world were not as durable or as powerful or sharp they still were used for cutting items as well as day to day survival.