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If you have met someone you like and are planning to ask her out, you will instinctively be able to know whether she’ll actually be interested in going out with you.So if you’re suffering from pangs of doubt follow this very simple technique: Before actually asking a girl out on a date, plant seeds of excitement in her mind.Dating rules can contrast drastically for men and women. You should hold the doors open and close them when necessary. Be confident when speaking and use good body posture. Women are attracted to men who exude power and are self confident. Do not smoke or get intoxicated while on your date.This article will give men tips on how they can make their dating experience a good one. Spend some money on a bottle of cologne and make sure to get a nice haircut and groom all facial hair. If you want to be a good catch, make sure you have yourself together.Step 2 Mention the presence of other girls in your life. Fractionation is a technique used to hypnotists to get a person into a trance state and go deeper and deeper into it.

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Do this at least three times before you invite her to hangout with you.

Step 4 If you have followed the three steps mentioned above, the girl is bound to be excited at thought of getting an opportunity to get a taste of your exciting life. Make a lame excuse about how busy you’re with work, apologise and reschedule the meet.