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First off, update everything, you'll need to be running this in bash or over SSH: After we've completed these steps we can head over to a browser on a computer running of the network of you rapberrypi and type and type the following URL out chaning out the IP address you th one you are seeing: My first encounters with Camelbak Podium bidons were not great, I borrowed a bottle from Ali for use on quick ride but but I was soon struggling with it!This one was easy for me, though I wasn't asked to think of one, the thought just randomly came up in my head This is probably the bain of a lot of cyclist's lives, well the ones that keep their bikes indoors anyhow, despite how careful you are it is just a matter of time before you inadvertantly catch a tyre on the wall as you wheel your bike around.No probs you would think, bit of Cif and the mark'd come right off.Just last month Georgia claimed to have crushed a coup plot by a Russian-backed fugitive politician.