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04-Sep-2017 12:45

Most of my interview subjects were single, but over 100 of them were married or engaged, and they described to me the moment when they first knew a woman was special and had future-wife potential.I had assumed these husbands and fiancés would recall how beautiful their wife was, or how funny or smart she was.She feels sorry for hotel maids because they have a hard and often disgusting job. If there’s a used Kleenex on the desk, she’ll throw it away.She puts herself in the maid’s shoes and tries to do her small part by not leaving one room dirty. ” —Nigel, age 46, Minneapolis, MN “We met for coffee at Starbucks, and we were standing at the condiments bar when she accidentally spilled a little sugar onto the counter top. Except she actually took a napkin and wiped up after herself!

If it was me, I’d just leave whatever I spilled and figure the staff would clean it up…I liked her gesture because it was actually focused on doing something nice just for me.” —Thor, age 45, Dallas, TX “I was blown away by her respect for other people!She told me that whenever she stays at a hotel, she tidies up her room before leaving so the maid won’t be grossed out.Out go roses, chocolates and eyes meeting across a crowded room. Romance may not be dead inside this room, but it certainly seems to have gone corporate.

Greenwald is promoting her book, Find a Husband After 35 Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School.When I picked her up, she invited me in for a quick glass of wine before we drove to the restaurant. Do men actually want to marry “bitches” or women who “play it cool,” as I’ve read in some popular advice books?I sat down in this really comfortable leather chair, and while she was in the kitchen opening the wine, I actually fell asleep. Most gals would have taken offense if their date fell asleep on them. Or do they really, deep down, just want someone nice?As a dating coach and matchmaker, I’ve spent the past ten years conducting some unconventional dating research using a business concept called “Exit Interviews.” I interviewed over 1,000 men who were former dates of my clients, as well as strangers I approached in cafes or bookstores.

Sep 28, 2003. Dating and mating for over-35s. Mergers. 'Rachel Greenwald has a direct and bold way of talking to the readers, balanced with humour. It's absolutely practical. The 15 steps include advice on how women can 'package' themselves as a desirable product and shop around for a suitable 'buyer'. There are.… continue reading »

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