Is more sedating

08-Jan-2017 19:07

By relieving pain, the emergency provider can render the patient less anxious and more cooperative, thereby potentially achieving a better outcome.

Fear, anxiety, and early developmental stage may make it difficult for a child to cooperate with necessary procedures.

Diagnostic procedures for which emergency department (ED) sedation may be indicated include the following: Discussion about the risks, benefits, and alternatives with the parent or guardian is necessary before initiation of procedural sedation.In addition, research has shown that children often do not receive the same treatment as adults with similar painful conditions.Age is apparently a risk factor for oligoanalgesia.These children typically require sedation even when other patients who are the same age may not.

More words related to sedative. drug. noun. medication. biologic · cure · depressant · dope · essence · medicament · medicinal · medicine · narcotic · opiate · pharmaceutic · pharmaceutical · physic · pill · poison · potion · prescription · remedy · sedative · stimulant · tonic.… continue reading »

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Over the past decades, landmark interventional studies in general intensive1!care unit ICU patients have taught us that efforts to reduce the use of sedatives, by daily interruption Kress et al. 2000; Girard et al. 2008, by not using se. Read more.… continue reading »

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Jul 10, 2017. Children being sedated for dentistry Practice now under new scrutiny. Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson of Seattle Children's Hospital and a spokesperson from the influential pediatricians group is sounding the alarm about sedating children for oral surgery. "If we can prevent one more child from an adverse.… continue reading »

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