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It is by far the worst broadband customer service ever.Its complete waste of time making them understand English.They are getting paid no not do there jobs properly.I have rang loads of times and still after that and still the same problem. Despite admitting I am not getting the service they still refuse any kind of refund.They really are a disgrace company with customer service, they might get one right here and there with there customers but seriously I have rang countless of times and still in the same boat with them. Had to phone the company last Monday and last night because of the broadband cutting out and my partner neede it for work.I will never ever use there service again I rather have nothing then use them again I will never turn to talk talk again and I hope one day someone sorts this customer service out and get all staff to do there Job properly I see most of you complaint about your speed well it's not actually talk talk at fault here is the distance from the telephone exchange you live and the quality of your telephone line. Unfortunately I rang a very sarcastic young lady at about 7 last night -I was told on the first Monday that I would not have to carry out the internal line test again however I was told I had to 'do it again' sarcastically by last nights telephonist and again in the same tone of voice she told me -' Make sure your in when the engineer calls right!

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Deutschlandpokal vom 23.- ihr Können auf den WM-Strecken im Ried Blicken Sie hinter die Kulissen der Audi Arena und genießen Sie eine der exklusiven Nachtführungen mit Blick vom Schanzenturm der Großschanze auf das beleuchtete Oberstdorf bei einem heißen Glühwein oder Punsch.2 members of staff were sooo rude one screamed on the phone to me and when I asked to speak to the manager she Said thanks I will now lose my job! The level of disrespect ive had from them is unbelievable and shocking. Even I have to pay bit extra elsewhere I will for better customer service!Usually theres always just one bad staff but in my case my goodness is constant! 6 people I have been in contact with today , regarding my broadband, I spoke to some one also 2 wks ago and was informed a engineer will be calling to fix the problem , so talk talk has broke there part of the contract by not providing the service stated in my contract , the after care is discusting no caring and inefficient!!We have had nothing but problems with this company engineer came and left us with same poor internet service husband just out of hospital and can't watch his programmers they won't help but won't let us leave be warned about this company we are paying for no service Just like to say how I feel about my talktalk internet and phone i implove even beg if anyone is disabled and need a reliable internet connection and phone do not I repeat do not use or even look at tt it is hideous I have been with tt just under two and a halve years it has been the worst service I have ever dealt with in my life keep losing both services terrible i have to use 999 or emergeny services regualr with me disability problems and by god the times I have been in trouble because of losing phone line is unpresidented in my life the suffering and anxiety because of tt and if you call them its f u pay everything wheather you have service or not its f u pay takes days to get any help i beg anyone not just the disabled do not touch these people at all and be very carefull with tt mobile my god this company should be stopped review all isp online before you make any sort of deal and talk to them and knock them down in price the time will be worth it just please I implore great britain do not not deal with talktalk any way shape or form thanks for reading Terribly! I unfortunately am in an 18 month contract with Talk Talk but if there is anyway I can get out of it I will. Broadband spped is pitiful - can you believe a upload speed of 300 Kb/s ( yes, I do mean Kilobits ) and download of anywhare between 4 Mb/s and 10 Mb/s ?

Customer services is based in India and some personnel are impossible to understand.Sitting outside with my back to the sun, I noticed that the shadow cast by each clear lens of my glasses was equally as dark as that cast by the frame and my head. Surely the clear lens would let the light through rather than casting a shadow?Runners have long debated the difference between training on a treadmill and training on solid ground.they say they will give me back my money for taking out my bank account when they where fully aware that I had no services they say that calls are recorded and one manager said I would have my money returned within 7 days now another so called manager calls and say they have no or off of that was said to me so I insisted that they check the calls made to me and listen then oh we don't record the calls oh how convininet then he puts the phone down on me because I called him a lying pig what an absolute idiot..

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