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07-Mar-2017 22:26

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Therefore, as long as the Xbox has guide data, so would Windows Media Center.We were wrong, but that’s about to change for the better!I upgraded to 3.4.8 and Schedules Direct worked great.I imported the channels from SD and remapped the channels for my HDHOMERUN boxes w/o issue. It looks more and more like Microsoft has ended the legacy guide service for XP MCE and Vista that mc2xml (free version) relied on, although I have seen no official statement from Microsoft or Rovi to that effect (if anyone has, please post).It’s also worth noting that you should watch the behavior of your recordings over the next few days.There’s a possibility that some series and single recordings may not record as scheduled.I have signed up for an SD trial and have gone through the setup in NPVR, but it seems that BULK mapping isn't working. I don't know if this belongs in a separate thread or not but I had a really weird problem switching from mc2xml's file to Schedules Direct.Next PVR 3.3.8 wouldn't give me a lineup, just a blank dropdown.

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Was it a fairly seamless transition, or were you unable to get the appropriate channel line-up?

Question or two regarding switching from xmltv to Schedule Direct re/NPVR --- 1. Thanks (1) Yes - it is called but not required and non-existent on installation (2) Depends on the EPG source you use.

if so, are there edits required and if so, what kind? are there any required changes to settings for automatic updates?

The goal is to continue to provide about two weeks of guide data.

This guide data provider change was unexpected, but it’s good news for Windows Media Center users.

Currently this change is only happening for customers in the U. If you live in one of these regions your Media Center machine should display a notification informing you of the update.