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Hi Muriel, I also decided to go to the Netherlands and before my arrival I was also wondering about these topics.I found a website with all kinds of experiences of foreign students in the Netherlands. If you think you have not made a 'stellar' match then you are most likely dating a typical dutchie. And they are stubborn so it is hard to work out a relationship issue if it involves any type of confrontation or compromise. And bluntness is a typical Dutch attitude (which is good for relationships: wouldn't you rather someone told you the truth than skirted it for an entire relationship? Thanks for standing up for your fellow males from the other side of the (little) pond, Kwalijkje.When they recognize that warms and care, about which they can only dream, are really exist and people have them with help of online dating sites, they feel shame for doing nothing.Why do not begin the search of flirts and communication with singles from Netherlands? On online dating site you can find the final sense of life opening for you the existence of another single person.However, it is very difficult to find trustworthy friends and real lovers from Netherlands in everyday life.Therefore, more and more single people use Netherlands online dating sites for being not single but happy and for having new acquaintances.Every day with help of online dating messenger, you will get and send mails.

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Singles as get accustomed to live with convictions and traditions of society that they nothing do for finding love or changing their life in a better way, singles are simply waiting for it.

Here, you can ask questions about anything related to the Dutch or Flemish culture or share your experience with others. To what extent Dutch dating is different from what you are used to, depends on where you are from. With the emancipation of women, I think much of the etiquette has changed (or causes confusion ).