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In July of 2016, Chris helped Angel pack 6 years of belongings, that she had acquired while living in California, into a portable storage; then they took off on their next roadtrip: back home to Louisiana.LONG-DISTANCE One full year of weekend visits, last-minute flights, delayed planes, and hours-long phone calls only assured Chris and Angel that they wanted to live in the same place once again.DATING ADVENTURES After one month of dating, Chris and Angel went on a roadtrip to visit Antelope Canyon, The Grand Canyon, and Montezuma Castle driving 1300 miles in 2 days!This gave Angel ample time to dream up the name TEAM CHALENGER - a combination of Chris Angel.It all began in Long Beach, California at their mutual workplace.Christopher remembers their first meeting differently than Angel because she characteristically does not recall the meeting at all.During one of their stops, they spotted two little canaries playfully flirting, which they compared to themselves due to their colorations: red for Chris (the ginger) and yellow for Angel (the Asian).After a few spilled emotions, they then decided to continue their relationship regardless of the 2000 miles that would be separating them.

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Told little or nothing about sex by parents raised with Victorian ideals, these women may have enjoyed the process of getting to know their beaus, but discovered pregnancy was a long and lonely path.

While pop culture was actually filling cave-like clubs with cigarette smoke, riotous guitar riffs and ever shorter mini skirts.