Serial dater and serial dating

04-Mar-2017 10:13

Back when I was still single, I often used to daydream how scary being single must have been prior to online dating, never knowing when the next opportunity to meet someone would arrive.Months or even years could theoretically pass by without ever meeting someone new.Nor do I see anything wrong with dating as many women as a man sees fit.Every individual is entitled to live his or her life as he or she pleases.Especially for those in their late twenties or older.These days it could take all of five minutes, or dare I say, a swipe right.Day after day my inbox would fill up with more emails then I could possibly respond to.With every email that came my way, an inevitable rush quickly followed. An all-consuming, not paying attention to anything else in my life addiction.

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First word of advice: Steer clear of men with playing card ties and exposed hundreds in his shirt pocket. They like the chase, and once they have you in their web (or bed), then BAM, they're out like proverbial trout. The longest relationship he's had is two years, and then he breaks it off using some lame excuse that wouldn't hold up at the post office.2. As in, once you sleep with him, he's not as "into" you as he once was. Meet-ups for most online daters are now reduced to superficial encounters that consist of nothing more than a cliche drink at a bar for an hour.Not that one can blame men for arranging such a common and unoriginal date.With the amount of serial dating women out there, it would be a fools errand to waste valuable money and time planning something more creative. One doesn’t even have to wait any longer than the walk to his or her car before whipping a smart phone out and responding to new potential dates.

Apr 21, 2015 If you’re looking for a serious relationship, getting involved with a serial dater can be a serious waste of time. What’s a serial dater? Simply put.… continue reading »

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