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It is a conversational technique to be used to generate attraction with women.The approach is very well suited for beginners, because it tends to correct exactly the bad approaches to conversation that they have been using with women.All the points and theories build on each other, and the reader is taken by the hand on a journey of awakening.Bit by bit, he learns about women’s psychology and why most guys do not understand it. Counter-productive beliefs and attitudes are explained in detail.

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Using cocky & funny techniques help to compensate for other things you are doing wrong, but are unaware of, and are more subtle and complex.However, at an intermediate or advanced level, when you have improved your other dating skillsets, using Cocky & Funny can actually hurt your success with women.A particular issue is where men use Cocky & Funny as a crutch, and use it all the time in their conversations with women - this tends to be over the top and actually drive women away.This is all well explained and most of the big psychological dynamics are covered.

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On the practical side, the book relies mostly on the "Cocky & Funny" approach, which works but is a bit limited.Many people like (or NEED) to get into dating advice gradually, and this is why this book is still popular today. From the female perspective: how women work and what women want.From the male perspective: the mindset you need to become successful with women and the behaviors to avoid.Compared to what you COULD learn about women and dating, this could be considered basic.

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