True value of isvalidating not supported

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Property Supported("Validating")) Property("Validating", Boolean. Or is there an oracle lawyer that would say that an immutably false property is considered supported?

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*/ public static Wstx Input Source resolve Entity (Wstx Input Source parent, URL path Ctxt, String entity Name, String public Id, String system Id, XMLResolver custom Resolver, Reader Config cfg, int xml Version) throws IOException, XMLStream Exception /** * A very simple utility expansion method used generally when the * only way to resolve an entity is via passed resolver; and where * failing to resolve it is not fatal.

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* * @param parent Input source that contains reference to be expanded.One is old enough to be my mother and has a username that, without giving too much away, is an instruction to engage part of my mouth with a baked good she has in her possession.Another user says she’s looking for: “A passionate one-night stand like there is no tomorrow”.* @param cfg Reader configuration object used by the parser that is * resolving the entity * * @return Input source, if entity could be resolved; null if it could * not be resolved.