Sukihara carbon dating

25-Sep-2017 09:11

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「君みたいなブサイクに何をされても感じないよ?」とか言いながら 挿入した瞬間にガクガク逝ってるじゃねぇか!… continue reading »

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The theory of carbon dating is interesting, but there are inherent problems with the presumptions upon which it is based.… continue reading »

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Anri.sugihara 4.4k anri.sugihara 5.0this case you will see a row with exact date and time. Checking period is different for different accounts.… continue reading »

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Good^^b‏ @sugihara_ryo Aug 14from Saga Field work for carbon-dioxide separation system, one of the technology to prevent global warming All my best for Kyushu.… continue reading »

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