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After vainly throwing Grigsby the raft's sea anchor, Gibbons pointed to the second raft. Flow heaved him a rope-anchored emergency radio, hoping to pull him in with it. Men slid into the water again, trying to tow the raft to Grigsby. In minutes, Grigsby's helmet and left-preserver lobes were only a dot vanishing in the cruel sea. Gibbons, Ball, Reynolds and Moore were in the large raft, built to hold 12. And Jerry waited until he could be sure he was the last off his plane. Twenty-four years ago, when he was 12, he about drowned in a pool. And we have had 24 good years of life with him, 24 years of helping him get ready for this one moment when he had the opportunity to save the lives of ten others. In addition, Matthew Gibbons received the Navy Commendation Medal and Edward Caylor the Meritorious Service Medal.

For a few seconds it appeared to be within Grigsby's reach; then rising swells blocked sight of him. Adrenalin flowing, Ball shot off pencil-gun flares. Posthumously, Jerry Grigsby was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, one of the military's highest peacetime medals, for "extraordinary heroism and professionalism above and beyond the call of duty." ADAK, Alaska (AP)--A Soviet trawler dispatched after a White House request rescued 10 crewmen from a downed U. Navy antisubmarine plane 600 miles at sea early yesterday, and took aboard the bodies of three who died, Coast Guard officials said.

Eternal Father, Strong to Save, Whose arm hath bound the restless wave, Who bid'st the mighty Ocean deep Its' own appointed limits keep; O hear us when we cry to thee,for those in peril on the sea. I read it with huge interest and to be honest, I was looking for editorial glamorization. Kevin Cahill [email protected]" [14AUG2003] Alfa Foxtrot 586, a U. Navy P-3C ocean surveillance and anti-submarine plane on patrol over a slate-gray slice of the North Pacific, flew effortlessly even with one of its four turboprop engines deliberately feathered to save fuel.

Lord, guard and guide the men who fly Through the great spaces in the sky. Just finished Capt Jampoler's book "ADAK - The rescue of Alfa Foxtrot 586" (SEE: VP-9 - In Memorial for lost friends Alfa Foxtrot 586). The plane and the 15 men aboard had departed the Adak Naval Station in the Aleutians that morning - last October 26.

But the runaway prop was certain to cause fresh fires, and their was precious little firefighting compound left. Anxious to be even closer to the water, Grigsby descended to 500 feet, where the plane limped along, bobbing in the turbulence but at least momentarily under control.

To be nearer the water in case of explosion, Grigsby brought his crippled plane down to 1000 feet. Bibbons radioed Elmendorf: CONDITION HAS STABILIZED AGAIN. Airman Richard Garcia, the radar operator, sought to locate a ship so that Alfa Foxtrot 586 could set up a ditch leading to quick rescue.

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Adak was still 800 miles away - a distance they clearly couldn't make. And Coast Guard 1500, a C-130 Hercules prop jet, was diverted to help.

There were nine men in the smaller, seven-man raft. Caylor, Forshay and Wagner talked to him, shook him, slapped his face. The P-3C climbed to 2000 feet to search for ships on the radar-scope. The P-3C (without marine-radio capability) flew to it, but none of the standard patters for directing a ship to trail an aircraft were understood. So the survivors spent a night and part of the day in rafts, with the wind howling and the air temperature about 50 degrees, the water about 45.