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05-Oct-2017 11:08

Just be sure that you both are on board to see the expiration date on the relationship, because just like in “Hang the DJ”, a one-sided reveal won’t just secretly reveal the relationship expiration date to one person.

Instead, it will cause the entire system to recalibrate, and whatever cheerful, years-long number you originally received will plummet into the minutes-long territory.

'Coach' will then reveal how much time their relationship has left.

It's an imitation of the mysterious dating system in the Season 4 episode 'Hang the DJ', in which users are assigned to relationships with a predetermined time limit.

To start the test, you just need to send a provided link to your other half then press the button at the same time to launch the algorithm/crystal ball.

The app will then come up with a reading to tell you how long you have left together.

Based on the technology in one of the show's most popular episodes, is a site that allows a couple to see how long they have until they break up.

One person sends a link to their partner, then they both click an image of a button at the same time.

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describe absolute dating and relative dating

'Hang the DJ' follows two young people as they navigate a world in which all of the freedom is taken out of dating.

Thankfully, it’s a piece of fiction no more, and now you too can use Coach’s expert matchmaking skills.

Feb 14, 2018. On Wednesday, the minds behind Black Mirror released a new website that will tell you and your loved one just how long your relationship will last—because nothing is more romantic than arguing about the life span of a relationship on Valentine's Day, right? The site, is based on Black.… continue reading »

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Feb 15, 2018. 'Hang the DJ' revolves around two young people navigating a mysterious dating system. Photo credit Netflix. To celebrate Valentine's Day, hit dystopian TV show Black Mirror has released a web app that calculates how long a relationship will last. Based on the technology in one of the show's most popular.… continue reading »

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