Wet panties dating physical women

11-Sep-2017 15:39

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You simply cannot undo thousands of years of biological programming in a few decades.All of those primal urges are still very much alive within both men and women.Men are also told to bring flowers and worship a girl, and we all know that’s a worthless tactic if you actually want to get laid. There was a point in time where humanity didn’t know if it was going to survive.Men had the goals of impregnating as many women as possible in order to pass their genes on and ensure the survival of their bloodline. It was common for a woman to become pregnant again while she was still breast-feeding the previous rugrat.

In that post, he dives into why women are attracted to characteristics as opposed to physical traits in a man.I’m here to debunk another myth using similar reasoning—that women aren’t okay with you dating…well, other women. Every guy who chastises a man who does date multiple women is usually just jealous.Since I began my game journey many years ago, I’ve done it all. But the one thing that truly made me a more confident, successful, masculine man was running harems. But what stops a lot of guys is this: the myth out there that women aren’t okay with you dating other girls. In Jon’s original post, there is a lot of discussion about primal values; i.e. The fact of the matter is, women will not explicitly tell you it’s okay to date other girls.I’ve traveled around the world and “captured some flags”. It is the underlying assumption that they’re okay with it that makes their panties damp.

Let’s debunk why this myth that women aren’t okay with it is around, and then move on to how to actually build a harem.You cannot apply that same logic to the way that women will view a man having sex with a woman that isn’t them.Most of them are actively turned on by the thought because it proves he is a high-value man. If other women want him, then his seed must be strong.They are based off of how a woman feels in that very moment.

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