Htc updating phonebook with facebook

31-Jan-2017 14:33

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You do, however, get to use all those stickers, emojis, and location-sharing features that are native to Messenger with your SMS chats.Why this matters: One annoyance of over-the-top messaging clients is they often don’t include an option to send an SMS message, which is still a popular way to contact people as it doesn't require your contacts to use the same app or service as you.Facebook wants its Messenger app to be the main hub for all your conversations.The social network announced Tuesday that Messenger can now send and receive SMS and MMS messages on Android, elevating the feature out of beta.Not to mention Google Now, which lets you speak for instant weather, traffic reports, sports scores, and other things (the Android's Siri equivalent).If you want an easy-to-use, basically ready-out-of-the-box, social smartphone -- that isn't even ridiculously expensive at plus a contract -- the HTC First is worth a look for sure.

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I can end that conversation at any time by flicking the Chat Head off the screen.

Personally, I prefer my phone to show only the contacts with phone numbers.

If you see your Facebook or Twitter contacts on your phone’s address book and want to remove them, you can do this by disabling the sync feature on your Android device.

If you are a FB fan-boy, you might adore that app but for must users it’s an app they won’t like to have over the top of everything.

As for the Facebook for Android, it is a must have app that keeps you updated with the views and status of your friends you care about.

Just unmark the Facebook account and this will remove, not delete, all Facebook contacts from your device.