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08-Nov-2017 22:58

My ego is so present, though, its trying to rule the roost – it literally gives me a headache, but I know that this too shall pass, as time in grade puts me in lightning’s way and “I” is more clearly seen through.I keep pointing to the place before thought and insisting that that’s real, and nothing else is. From the get go, its been useful to know this is about SEEING, not DOING. The shift of a paradigm from outside in to inside out.It makes a huge difference to wake up in the presence of someone who’s already there, and who’s been there for a long time.When I was a seeker I chased every red herring that’s available for seekers to chase, both before and after awakening.

Fred was warm and welcoming, went where we needed to go, and demonstrated that face-to-face (or screen-to-screen) provides a lot more nuance, adjustment and thoughtfulness than one can expect from even the best of books.

If you are reading this testimonial, then by all means, yes: Click the button and have the session.