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30-Jun-2017 23:55

See Proposal Menu Reorganisation for some ideas that are being discussed for project save and file export.There are also some votes to have preferences for file name and/or path, but still having to go through a file save window to give the ability to change format on the fly.Would the interface changes required be worth it when there is an easy solution now?

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If any there especially appeal to you, please cut and paste them below and include your own vote for them.

It's about priorities and to what extent mainline Audacity should support features the majority of users would not avail themselves of (even if they are "standards").

An equal case could be made for adding support for the CART metadata chunk required by radio stations.

Where there was an uninstaller, it could include a "repair" option to reset settings instead of having a separate executable to repair or remove them.

Could only indicate that space was available at time of checking, could never guarantee the file would be completed if other disk events occurred.We've since had feedback on this that is works fine and that not having monitoring "on" is causing a bigger problem - especially with new users.This however is not such an easy change as it appears - handling the situation when a device is changed/swapped out for example but Audacity is still looking for an input to read - it may not be fixed quickly Briefly we had a "zoom toggle" button with a double magnifying glass that switched between two levels of zoom.Create 30 second tone, zoom out until it half fills screen then type in a label.