Girlfriend got fat after dating

23-Sep-2017 11:56

What does bother me is when my girlfriend feels excluded or like she’s holding us back from an experience because of her weight. And we all answer “no” to “does this make me look fat? Mine is not a case of being duped by an unrealistically flattering online dating photo. “There’s a lot of things I’ll never do with you, you know. We’re never going to jump out of a plane together, and I can’t ride a donkey to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.”I’ll take a pass on falling out of the sky like human confetti or riding a fragrant donkey on a hot August day. adults are obese, which means there are probably a lot more people whose girlfriends and boyfriends are fat.That was the week my girlfriend and I started dating.Physically, she was no departure from my former lovers, but my attitude had shifted.Last year I read a stack of obesity, diet and nutrition books, adopted a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet, and lost 50 pounds.At Thanksgiving, I skipped the stuffing and slipped into my first pair of size 8 jeans.I offered to bake from scratch if she would forgo the prepackaged cupcakes with their polysyllabic carcinogens.

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Science shows that the equation isn’t as simple as too much food plus not enough exercise equals fat.

But nothing persuaded her like awkward public interactions -- like another trip we took when we had to face the complications of a cramped plane.

Before we were a couple, my girlfriend would buy two airplane seats for herself because she worried about making the traveler next to her uncomfortable. When I confessed my chivalrous attempt back at the diner, my girlfriend’s face changed. Whether she does or doesn’t go back on the diet, I support her.

Weighing less brought a bevy of benefits, from increased stamina to never having to worry if a store carried clothes in my size.

Unfulfilled food cravings no longer soured my mood because I had none.Just to avoid an uncomfortable situation, I called ahead to ask if there were weight limits on tube rentals. I knew my girlfriend’s proportions for years before we started dating; she is the younger sister of a college friend.The woman on the phone sounded confused at first, but when I clarified, she offered some southern-accented sympathy. I do not love my girlfriend in spite of the fact that she’s fat, and I do not love her because she is fat. It’s simply a part of the person I grew to love, the same as her voice or her math skills or the tiny scar on her upper lip where an ice skate split it.She had a professional exam coming up and fell back on the habit of eating when stressed.